Our company was founded in the 40th year of the Meiji Era (1907) as a printing business. We incorporated in 1947, making it 100-plus years in business and more than 70 years as an incorporated entity.
We’ve worked through four eras – Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei, and seen a huge shift in printing technology and the demand for printing services.
The rapid digitization of information media has shifted printing demand to the packing sector.
Up to now, our main sector of focus has been the packing sector, but in 2015, we also started offering film (soft packaging) printing services.
Lately, demand for paper Oshiboris has increased. It’s a main business of ours that has been growing steadily.
There is also continued demand in the medical sector. Our company continues to work with a varied range of businesses.
Advances in science and technology along with changes in available raw material has led to changes in our company and in demand from the public, but whatever the age, our company has used its experience and technology to come up with unique ways to add value and, through trial and error, to progress little by little and contribute to the healthy growth of our regional economies and Japanese society as a whole.

Shigeki Mizobata