Business Outline

We specialize in harmonizing mealtimes and dining spaces.


Paper Printing

We handle all varieties of paper printing, from flyers, leaflets, direct mailings, booklets, and other multiple-page publications to long banners and large posters.


Film Printing

We use offset printing machinery, which is still rare in Japan, making possible high-definition full-color printing using all sorts of film in short runs with quick turnarounds.


Oshibori (wet towels) and Paper Napkins

We enforce strict entry and exit policies to facilities and hygiene management at all our facilities in Japan, including loading of material and cleaning to make sure of thorough hygiene practices. We also have management standards and monitoring processes that exceed industry levels so that you can use the products we make safely and with confidence.


Disposable Chopsticks

These exceptional chopsticks are made with care at our Hokkaido plant, deep in the natural abundance of that northern island.


Restaurant Business

We opened a directly managed restaurant in 2007 to challenge ourselves with the goal of creating and developing pleasant times and spaces for people to enjoy the culinary culture of Japan.