Environmental Efforts

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About FSC®?


The Forest Stewardship Council R (FSC R) is an organization that promotes responsible stewardship of our forests.
The FSC is a Germany-based international organization that bases its actions on 10 principles and criteria for the forest stewardship and conducts a certification system.
This certification system is called the FSC Forest Certification. Processed wood products such as furniture and paper products made of wood from a certified forest are allowed to display the FSC logo mark, so that consumers are aware of the certification.
Certified products are well recognized in the marketplace. Because of raised environmental awareness among consumers, more forests are properly managed, and more use of lumber is occurring without the devastation or reduction of forest land through this system.


Forest recycling through afforestation


Forests for supplying fresh pulp are nurtured. Then, through logging and afforestation, fresh pulp can continue to be produced without loss.
The point of this activity is through afforestation on barren land, natural forests will be protected, but also by fixing the afforestation area, the forest will be allowed to expand.
Release of carbon dioxide, the leading cause of climate change, will be better absorbed and forests will help regulate salinity and create windbreaks, bringing multiple contributions to the global climate problem.

Thinning Japan’s forests to activate them

Japan is a country that has used disposable chopsticks since the Edo Era (1603-1868).
That part of our culture has expanded with the restaurant business.
Today, there are a lot of chopsticks made for cheap with foreign-sourced lumber.
Our use of wood from Japanese forests to make disposable chopsticks is not about using wood from a forest we should be protecting but, about using wood that was raised to be made into chopsticks.
Through this approach, healthy forests will grow, and a lot of carbon dioxide will be absorbed.
This also connects to an active forestry sector and regional economies.

Disposable chopsticks made with Hokkaido wood
Chopstick set includes wrapper
  • 箸袋付きセット 20膳
  • 箸袋付きセット 40膳
Cellophane wrap
  • セロ巻き 8寸/100膳
  • セロ巻き 9寸/100膳

Recycling used tea leaves


Recycling coffee grounds

Our café napkins are environmentally friendly recyclable napkins made with the “silver skin” (skin of the coffee bean) discharged during the roasting process.


Recycle Natural Series

Offering a series of nature-conscious products made from recycled paper or unbleached and undyed natural wood

  • 未晒
  • 再生紙